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Your answers needed

Me again. I'm kind of swinging more towards Glendon than Mac, but I'd like a few more questions answered. Thanks for your patience! I'm so happy to have found somewhere to interact with real students, it helps alot!

1. Do you find the fact that you have to take French restricting or annoying? Although I'm in the middle of gr12 French, I wasn't planning on taking it in uni until now. I plan to major in English/History and I don't want to risk a lower average because of French class. I like French, but am not that great at it. I'm pretty much wholly considering it in order to become more marketable post-grad.
2. Even though I've taken French through high school, could I still take a lower level French class in uni?
3. What were some of the best English and History courses you took first-year?
4. Were the Philosophy, Psychology, Linguistics, German, Canadian Studies ones great and/or interesting?
5. I have a friend who will attend Keele. If I want to visit her, is it a nuisance to get to the main campus?
6. Also, what percentage of classes are on the main campus?
7. If anyone's doing a concurrent teaching degree, do you have to do your practicums/blocks in the Toronto area?
8. Would it be difficult for me to do a double major and a concurrent teaching degree? Would there be a lot of choice in courses?
9. Which is a better residence - Wood or Hilliard? I'm thinking the former, but you tell me!
10. How quickly does the food at Glendon get boring? Do you often venture up to Keele to eat?
11. If anyone lives in the Oakville/Burlington/Hamilton area, do you find it difficult or time-consuming to visit home on weekends?
12. How easy is it to get a job at Glendon? I need to make money!

Even if you can only answer a few of these, thanks for the effort!
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