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[09 Sep 2008|04:24pm]


I'm thinking of taking EN 3590 6.0 (Children's Literature) at Glendon next summer... I was wondering if anyone here has taken the course?  The booklist looks really awesome.  Thanks in advance :)

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Silly Question re: Bistro [18 Sep 2007|03:02pm]


Is the Bistro still open and running? What time does it open/close at? Is it still downstairs?

This is hokey, i know, but my best friend who i met at Glendon 15 years ago and i worked there, and i'm thinking of surprising her with dinner there on Thursday night :)

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SP 2300 Raventos-Pons [14 Sep 2007|03:02pm]

For the lovely Hispanic Studies folks...

I was not in the first class of this section, and although I have received the syllabus, I was wondering if anyone had notes from the lecture handy. Also, I was hoping to know how the presentation topics will be assigned. Any help would be appreciated! My email is saltzine@hotmail.com. ¡Muchísimas gracias!
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[12 Apr 2007|10:48pm]

Hello all! I'm a grade 12 student in Mississauga trying to decide between Glendon and Ottawa U (I want the bilingual factor that both offer). Making the decision is proving to be very tough, so hopefully you guys can answer some questions for me?? =)

1) For those really hardcore Frenchies, how do you find the program? How does it work exactly - I heard you can't actually take courses IN French in first year. Do you find it difficult attending lectures and class in French and can you hand in papers in English?

2) Glendon is tiny, and when I went for a tour on a Saturday the campus was pretty much desertedddd. Do people in res usually stay on weekends? Is a social scene lacking or are there party people to be found? I like the idea of a small campus but don't want to be totally bored...

3) Do many people bother joining clubs and sports teams at the Keele campus? I know the shuttle is a half hour ride, so do lots of people take advantage of heading over there to meet more people and take advantage of more clubs/activities?

I hope that didn't come across wrong or anything, I just want to get a really good picture of what life's like at both schools before I have to choose. Thanks in advance, guys!
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[08 Feb 2007|03:21pm]

Hello all,

I'm applying to Glendon, and I was wondering, what is the Psychology program like? What kind of courses do you take in Psychology?

Also, does anyone here take creative writing, and if so, do you like it?

Thank you,

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[06 Feb 2007|06:59pm]


so most of you have probably already heard the spiel about what's going on this wednesday, February 7th--it's the National Day of Action for the Reduction of Post-Secondary Tuition Fees.

For those of you who don't know, last year Pr. Dalton McGuinty removed the tuition fee freeze, and increased Ontario post-secondary prices by 4.5%, and plans to raise it another 4.5% each year for the subsequent 3 years. For graduate and professional students, he raised it 8%!

While Ontario does subsidize its education, for many students it isn't enough--by having higher tuition fees, Ontario graduates are coming out of their undergrads with an estimated $28,000 debt for a four year program. It comes at an even higher price for international students, who pay approximately $14,000 a year for tuition alone! 82% of the Ontario population support a tuition fee reduction, and agree that post-secondary education is no longer affordable. The government doesn't provide enough grants, and instead dishes out OSAP money, which you must pay off immediately after you graduate.

On February 7th students are taking action, and letting the Ontario government that it's tired of having some of the highest fees in the country--that students want more accessibility, better quality education, and an affordable degree.

If you're a Glendon student, we have two buses leaving at 11am from the school, which will take us down to Queen's Park. If you aren't a Glendon student, then meet us at U of T's King's Circle at 11:30am and we will march on Queen's Park.

York/Ryerson/University of Toronto have ALL been granted academic amnesty--meaning, you can miss your class and not be penalized, as approved by your senate board. So please, come out and let your voices be heard if you want to make education a more affordable and accessible to ALL students.

www.reducetuitionfees.ca for more information.

Siobhan Ozege
Local 68/93 of the Canadian Federation of Students
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Heart commercial [30 Jan 2007|12:25pm]

Hey - has anyone here seen the new heart (or is it Becel) commerical where there is a runner going down a beautiful tree lined paved road?

Anyone notice it's the road down to Proctor? Cool!

i love it when they use Glendon in commercials :)

On a totally different note - is the Bistro still up and running?
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Panoramas Literarios: América Hispana [04 Jan 2007|11:21am]

hey i'm looking for panoramas literarios: américa hispana. i checked the used book classifieds online but they only have the one for españa.

is anyone selling theirs? does anyone know where else i can look for used books?

thanks so much
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Tests [11 Sep 2006|07:55pm]

I was selling a textbook and I wanted to throw the answer sheets to tests for a class in with my notes. Is this allowed or will I get in trouble? The answer sheets were given to us by the professor and he said they were ours to keep.
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YFS Health Care??? [06 Sep 2006|12:32pm]
So I was checking my online account statements today, and I noticed that they charged about $165 labelled as YFS Health Care. I'm confused because I've always thought that Glendon was excluded from the yfs health plan. I'm assuming that it's new this year or something? What does this healthplan cover? Is there weblink which has all the info about it?
Thanks in advance.
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[23 Aug 2006|06:00pm]

Hey people, I'm just throwing this out there because I know I was able to help a few people last fall and I might be able to help more this fall.

If you're on res, and you're moving in, you're going to have to get your computer connected to the internet. In order to do so, you're going to have to have all your windows updates, all your patches, York's specific anti-virus(which means don't go buying a copy of norton because you'll have to uninstall it on move-in day), and pass a system scan. It's a pain in the ass to say the least.

York does send a few IT people to help out, but they're generally perceived as less than helpful... which is why, for 40 bucks, I'll set you up on Resnet, virusproof and spyware-proof your computer. And although the things I do will block 99% of the problems you're likely to get, should you have any trouble at all, if you've paid once, I'll come and fix your machine if any problems come up later on in the semester. I can only offer that for the fall though, since I'm working in the states all winter.

Don't believe the BS. You don't need a legal copy of Windows. You don't need Windows XP. You don't need to fork out hundreds of dollars to Geek Squad when they don't know the ins and outs of Resnet, ins and outs I'm quite familiar with. If you think you're going to need help, I'm taking appointments now... email me at davidfincher@gmail.com and book a time for me to come by. If it turns out that you don't need my help, great, but if you need assistance, then I'm happy to provide it.
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what is this? WE screwed up? [17 Aug 2006|04:22am]

[ mood | frustrated ]

A lot of my friends have recently recieved some interesting notifications from Glendon.  I urge everyone to check on your room status.  Basically in these e-mails the students are accused of being the ones who are in the wrong (as in didn't send in the appropriate forms)  this is not true at all and can be proven by the fact that all the students get the same e-mail.  In this particular e-mail they adit they are at fault.  Once again, I urge everyone to check on their res application.  If enough people have problems they will have to admit their mistakes and send out a mass e-mail or annoucement.  (Please note, the e-mails are in ascending order.)

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Glendon webmail [13 Aug 2006|01:52pm]

I forgot my username and password completly for my Glendon account. I know I didn't change either from the defaults. Anyone remember what the default setting would be?
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Help!!! [19 Jun 2006|07:53pm]
I'm in my second year. I got a letter with my marks and my winter 2006 decision was "Failed to gain standing. No sessional credit retained." Last year, my average was fine, but this year it plummeted real bad. The cumulative aver. is like 3.50 right now. The thing is I'm enrolled in a couple of classes for summer, and I can't access my add/drop courses files... for this summer OR next year... it says that there's an academic block. Do I have to withdraw for a year (I read that that's what "failure to gain standing" means)? Who can I contact/email/visit at glendon to talk about this?
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[27 Apr 2006|12:02am]

Hey guys,

For a work study program that I'm thinking of doing for the summer, is your financial need very important in getting approved for such a position? Is it like for OSAP where, if your parents make enough money (even if they're not willing to give it to you) OSAP won't consider you in financial need? The person in charge of hiring the work study students wants me but doesn't know if she can hire me due to the financial need thing.

And who would you say I should talk to to figure out if I can do this work study?

Thanks for your help and have a great summer!
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Building Hours [25 Apr 2006|03:28pm]

Hello everyone
I have to submit two papers to the NatSci office at Glendon and they are due on Monday, however I want to submit them on Sunday because I'll have difficulty getting to campus on Monday. So my question is will the building be open? (I believe it is in York Hall) and I'm guessing that nobody will be there, so it will be time stamped as of Monday morning.
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Awesome used books at awesomer prices! [16 Apr 2006|05:40pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Will you be taking English 1520 next year? What about Spanish 2300? Women's studies 2500? Or do you just want to get some book knowledge in during the summer from a variety of topics? Find out if these are the books you need! Check em out:

Click here to see which books I can sell you at LOW prices!Collapse )

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[11 Apr 2006|12:02am]
hi, my name's chelsea. im currently at university in the states, in florida, but i grew up in the toronto area. i've been accepted to glendon as a transfer & i've been debating going. coming from a very large school, im looking for a smaller-scale school, and im very into french and foreign language, hoping to study both english & french. do the pros of glendon outweigh the cons? ive read the posts below, but i think a few more opinions would be helpful. thanks!
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Your answers needed [30 Mar 2006|06:05pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Me again. I'm kind of swinging more towards Glendon than Mac, but I'd like a few more questions answered. Thanks for your patience! I'm so happy to have found somewhere to interact with real students, it helps alot!
the questionsCollapse )

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[21 Mar 2006|11:50am]

I post here too much... >_< Thanks to all of you who are patient enough to answer my questions.

I signed up for summer evening classes at the main campus. I was wondering if anyone knew what the shuttle bus schedule was like last summer or what it'll be like this summer.

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