kirsten (grrlgoddess) wrote in glendonites,

Silly Question re: Bistro


Is the Bistro still open and running? What time does it open/close at? Is it still downstairs?

This is hokey, i know, but my best friend who i met at Glendon 15 years ago and i worked there, and i'm thinking of surprising her with dinner there on Thursday night :)

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The Bistro IS still in operation. I can't seem to find its hours of operation on the website, but I do know that during the week, they close at 7pm.
The Bistro as it WERE no longer exists if you're talking about the student run one that used to be in the basement of York Hall. I think the original Bistro died in about 2002/2003. From 2001 onward they were only open sporadically for certain "theme nights". What is now called the Bistro is the restaurant at the gym.
Yes and I was wrong, so sorry.

Here are the hours as I saw posted today:
Monday to Thursday - 9:30am-9:30pm
Friday - 9:30am-4pm
Saturday, Sunday - shoot I can't remember, but it's even more limited than Friday...